Universal Works Present ‘Also Available In Navy’ at LC:M

LC-M 1

Also Available in Navy

Think pink! Whether it’s workwear or a city suit, most men’s wardrobes are based around navy blue or

charcoal grey. Of course, this is practical, traditional and looks good on everyone, but why not break out

of the mould once in a while and embrace colour? After all, if pink can work for a Parisian

panther, then it could work for you, and anyway you could always get Kato to bring along the navy


For Spring/Summer 2014, Universal Works showed, for the first time, at LC:M and celebrated its

rebellious take on traditional English clothing by offering an all pink collection in a pink space. Jackets,

trousers, outerwear, prints, knits and jersey – you name it, you can get it in multiple shades of the colour.

It’s a strong statement of course but surely it’s time to show a bit of bravery and optimism?

(However, just in case you’re not quite ready to take a step into a rosier world, of course it’s all also

available in navy…)

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