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Gymphlex Originals

Gymphlex has been manufacturing sportswear in the UK for some of the finest Independent Schools, Universities and sporting Clubs for over 100 years. In that time, we have learnt a great deal about what goes in to making a great product; the feel of the fabric, the long lasting appeal of the style, its durability and its ability to be ‘fit for purpose’. These key elements, that have been part of every Gymphlex product since we began in 1906, remain very much part of our thinking as we launch this great preppy leisurewear collection for your enjoyment.

Sold exclusively in Japan since the early 90’s where it continues to grow today, this sportswear-inspired collection encompasses Gymphlex’s rich past with today’s wearer in mind. Our original styles were carefully recreated for the conscientious Japanese consumer; many of them are manufactured in Japan due to the stringent quality standards that can be found there, and this collection is now available internationally for the first time from 2013.