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HAIK is a project created by the designers Siv Støldal, Ida Falck Øien and Harald Lunde Helgesen, based respectively in Norway, Los Angeles and London.

We share an interest in the social meaning of clothes and appearance. With a fascination for people’s personal and collective dress references, we research different approaches to clothing, dress codes, do’s and dont’s. Together we create multifaceted bodies of work, revolving around our current subject matter, under the collaborative label HAIK.

Being located in different parts of the world, HAIK members communicate through an online studio. Research uploaded by each HAIK member is shared, discussed and built upon. We use quasi-anthropological and sociological methods. With our work based on firsthand experience, observations and interviews in our local environment, we share our research with each other to gain a wider perspective and context.

HAIK creates collections of clothing and items for sale in addition to video installations, sculpture and various art projects, all addressing the same theme. These exhibitions will tour internationally throughout the season, to galleries, our stockists and other collaborators.